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Another great interview, Blake! I knew I saw that three headed monkey in the Monkey Island.

Subethaedit is a great app. I'll probably buy a license, even though I will be using it for educational purposes.

John  C. Randolph


Congratulations on bringing out the first PodCast I've actually found that's worth subscribing to. I have a few people to recommend for future shows. Drop me a line.


Dominik Wagner

Blake inspired me to write 2 cocoa haiku. enjoy them by clicking on the "posted by" name link below.

Den Dragoon

I have been using SubEthaEdit for teaching writing skills to my sons. We can comment on each others' work in group sessions in real time. Very cool. Despite the education use we registering after the next pay check. Adding regex find and replace has helped this product a lot. It's a small, but powerful, addition.

Aaron Junod

Would it be possible to release a more standard format as well as aac? I love the podcast, not real fond of needing to convert it to mp3 to listen, though. Not everyone has an ipod :)


I like the podcast, but one problem - when you do interviews the audio of the guests is much much quieter than yours. It's hard to listed to it, as if I turn the volume up enough to hear the guests, when you speak it blasts me out of the room!


I think your Cocoa podcast idea is fantastic. Thanks so much for putting it online!

Hearing the positives, as well as the gotchas, from other developers who have succeeded is very inspirational.

Keep up the great work.

Blake Burris

Thanks everyone! First, this has been great fun for me; getting to know the people behind the apps I use daily. I'm glad to see lots of you enjoy hearing their stories. It's also rewarding to hear from developers on other platforms that have been convinced to take up Obj-C and Cocoa. Please keep the ideas and guest suggestions coming. Meanwhile, I'll be working on improving the audio and getting shows posted more quickly (2 more coming ASAP). Thanks for listening and supporting CocoaRadio.

Christian Machmeier

Blake, great interview! I recently discovered your podcast in the iTMS, and I have to say, you're really doing very well and I enjoy cocoaradio alot. Congratulations! Although I'm fairly new to Cocoa, I can't wait to hear your next show.

Matthew Kappenman


I loved the recent episode featuring the guys from Panic and I wanted to check out some other shows...however the first 3 shows are not working in iTunes or via the direct download on the blog.

Just wanted to give you the heads up and to keep up the good work!

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