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It's a little quiet. Can you modulate it up?


Quick Fix: Turn on Sound Check in preferences. Thought I had mine turned on, but it helps quite a bit.


I almost always have to turn the volume way up on these..
I really dislike the encoding in stereo.. it especially annoying and it would help make the dialog more audible if it was in mono, and everything was coming out of both channels.


If you're using Garageband, add a compressor plugin to get the volume up. If using Audacity or Soundtrack Pro, normalise the file.

Blake Burris

The new mic used at Macworld recorded on one channel...I've fixed the issue in the next two shows and will re-visit this one.

David Young

Man, these guys are hilarious. It's a damn shame I didn't talk to them at the show, but I had no idea they were all so funny. Not to mention that "iwascoding" is perhaps the best new name for a company of 2005, IMHO.

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