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I just have to say - I don't know what you did or even if you did anything, but the sound quality on this one is just great. It's much nicer than during Chris Forsythe's interview.

Steve Harris

It was done with Skype because AIM was playing up.

I used an external mic (Griffin Lapel Mic) which might have helped. I can't remember the name of the software used to record the audio, but it integrated right into Skype - pretty cool.

Daniel Jalkut

The sound quality itself is great, but the balance is really messed up. Blake's voice is only coming through the left headphone. This is so uncomfortable that I've skipped to the next episode, which has an annoying hiss but at least doesn't "tickle my ears" like this one.

Great to see some updates! I hope the sound issues get ironed out eventually. I know it must be a real hassle to get everything right at once.

If there's any chance of remastering this episode with Blake's voice on both channels, I think it would be close to perfect.

Justin Williams

Couldn't listen because of the balance. Usually I can take it listening via my speakers rather than iPod headphones, but it was way too bad for that even.

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