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Christian Machmeier

Hey, did you submit yours too, already? I think, this idea is really great, absolutely…

Giovanni Gallucci

So...I can toss the visual studio and break out the REALbasic now? - Stop laughing...seriously...stop.

Justin Williams

Something about this whole MDA thing bugs me. I can't put my finger on it though.

At least the interviews will be interesting.

Blake Burris

@Justin - yeah it bugs me a bit too...but because I didn't think of it first!

Given the developer audience of CocoaRadio, I'm sensitive concerns raised by developers.

StuFF mc

I think it's okay for Blake if I mention that we interviewed the 3 Developers of MDA the first day... We currently (for 2 more hours) have by the way an ad running on the front page of MDA... Go check out to listen to the show we made with Austin, Martin & Jason. Soon to come Phil & John !


Hey, there’s no link in the post, so I tried to get to My Dream App by clicking on the picture… that took me to a Flickr page with a link to a Macworld article… and that article (finally) had a link to the MDA site. So,

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