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I got the PDF file from the CocoaRadio podcast feed, and it looks pretty good… except I can’t read Chinese.

Alex Clarke

Thanks for the plug Blake! I should point out that the text was written by Bert Altenberg, Philippe Mougin and myself. Bert contributed most of the original text, and he's in the Netherlands. Philippe is best known for his F-Script project. He's in France. So it's an international effort, really. We just hope it's useful to the next generation of potential Cocoa programmers, and results in more innovative Mac software in years to come.

Duncan Campbell

>> "It would be cool to see developers offer to run people through this course at CocoaDevHouse. There are a few in planning around Australia last I heard."

Alex: are you planning any courses? I'm in Sydney, and always looking to hook up with a fellow Cocoa Dev or two..



Giant Mike

Seems as tho the domain "" has lapsed. Anyone have a recent pointer to this PDF and related information? TIA ..

Alex Clarke

Hi Giant Mike,

Become An Xcoder is back at CocoaLab. Apologies for any inconvenience caused during the time our domain was down.



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