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Hes Aliveeeeee

Mike Zornek

Glad to hear new shows are on the way. W00t!

Christian Machmeier

Ahhh, can't wait! ;)

Joseph Ayers

How soon is ASAP?


Glad to hear you're alive. :-)

Here's a suggestion. As an audio junkie, I'd love to hear an interview with someone in that line. How about Stephen Booth who's written the fabulous ripper/encoder Max for OS X and who's now working on a player/audio-file manager?

I don't know the guy and maybe he's not the sort who would want to talk, but no harm trying. Or anyone else in the audio line would be good - maybe the people who do Media Rage:

Or Vincent Spader who's written the Cog player:

Or even someone who's had to do with the Cocoa programming for the Mac version of VLC.

But it would be nice to hear from *someone* about some audio topics. Stuff like: "What can independent developers still offer when a gorilla like iTunes is in the room?" and "What formats are on the way up?" - there are rumors that FLAC is in Leopard, for example. And many, many issues that I'm sure you already know about that would be worth an airing.


Blake? BLAKE?!?!?!?!?! Come on dude! Where are the new shows. I miss your silky smooth voice.

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